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Do you smell gas? If you suspect a gas leak, do not do anything that could cause a spark or flame.

  • IMMEDIATELY extinguish all smoking materials and any other open flames.
  • Do NOT turn lights on or off.
  • Do NOT use any type of phone.
  • Do NOT use any type of equipment or appliance.
  • Vacate the building, vehicle or area.
  • If possible, close the gas shutoff valve on the propane tank or cylinder.
  • Call your your local fire department and North Idaho Propane from a cell phone from a safe distance or a neighbor's phone.


Propane Safety

General Propane Safety

Safety is one of our top priorities. Customer education on the use of propane is very important to us. Some safety measures to remember are as follows:

  • Propane is heavier than air; therefore, it will gather in the low spots of your home, or outside, if there is a leak present.
  • If you smell gas (there is an additive put in Propane so you can smell it--a rotten egg smell), or you think you may have a leak, get everyone out of the house immediately.
  • Do not turn on or off any electrical switches, appliances, lights, make a phone call, etc. These can all be sources of ignition. Leave the door open and go shut off the propane tank.
  • Call for service from a neighbor’s house or from a safe distance with a cell phone.
  • If the leak is outside, the gas could be lingering in a low spot, DO NOT START YOUR VEHICLE since this could be a source of ignition.
  • Liquid propane burns, causes frostbite, and causes blisters.

Propane Cylinder Safety

  • Cylinder Recertification is required 12 years after the date of manufacturing, then every 5 years after that.
  • Watch out for dents, dings, or gouges; damage to valves, missing handles, leaks, loose collars or footing rings; corrosion, especially on the bottom of tank. All of these items compromise the safety of your propane cylinder.
  • OPD valves (Overfill Prevention Device) are required on  4lb to 40lb tanks (except 20# lay down cylinders made before 1998).

More Propane Cylinder Facts & Safety Information:

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